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Fort Collins Veterinary Emergency Hospital<br />
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Fort Collins Veterinary Emergency Hospital
Sue Mordi, B.S., RVT, VTS (ECC)        Danny Bundrock, CVT           Pia Oresjo, CVT               Tim Kloer                     Nicole DiPierre, CVT                        

                  Meagan Hines                 Michelle Fulks                       Caroline Souza                            Heather Poncelow          
              Lori Testa, CVT                                   Rita Akers                           Jesse Terry                           Seung Yoo                              
Chris Tennant               Sarah Smith                               Ashley Ackley                      Travis Linney              Nancy Rumsey

You may also see some new faces as well. We have Relief Technicians that help out from time to time and also volunteers. They are all happy to help.

Veterinary Emergency Hospital
816 S. Lemay
Fort Collins, CO 80524